I am a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. What does this mean?

2024 is off to a good start! I am proud to announce that, in January, I obtained a new certificate from the Karen Pryor Academy in the US. This means that I am now a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. A dream come true!

About the Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Program

I took the comprehensive Dog Trainer Program at the Karen Pryor Academy, where I gained in-depth knowledge of the science and techniques behind Operant Conditioning. I also learned how to apply Positive Reinforcement effectively using a variety of tools and methods.

I am now one of few experts in Europe to have obtained this certificate. Of course, this certificate was not handed to me just like that. I am now required to keep developing. Only then can I continue to be a certified partner.

Professional and scientific dog trainer programme

The training programme included the following.

  • Gaining command of the science and mechanical skills of Operant Conditioning.
  • Effectively applying Positive Reinforcement using a variety of tools and methods.
  • Necessary teaching and business skills to become a true professional in this field.
  • Increasing the understanding of training strategies and improving the relationship with animals.
  • Skills and knowledge about the use of the most appropriate and effective training tools.
  • Helping clients with their specific training and behavioural needs.
An inspirational trainer: Terry Ryan

My teacher in this training programme was Terry Ryan. She is a seasoned trainer who has written several great books. I first met Terry Ryan in Seabeck (Seattle) in 2023, when she extensively trained my mechanical skills through chicken training.

Chicken training: Chickens are less easily trained than dogs

In essence, training chickens is not about training chickens but about learning to understand and use Operant Conditioning. For training a chicken is a massive challenge that stimulates training the mechanical skills.

Did you know that the average chicken is faster than the average dog? This rapidly improves coordination and timing. Unlike dogs, chickens immediately tell you if you are pushing too much and too fast. Chickens don’t often give their trainers a second chance, like dogs do. Chickens immediately freeze or fly off if they don’t like the training method. This makes chickens a great challenge for us.

Reading material about your dog

I would like to thank my trainer, Terry Ryan, for teaching me so incredibly much! Would you like to read one of her books? Then I would suggest the book titled ‘Coaching People to Train Their Dogs’.

Hope to see you soon!

It was hard work in the US, but it was well worth the reward of getting this great certificate. I am incredibly proud and I can’t wait to share my new skills with the students at my Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy in Amstelveen. Hope to see you soon!

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