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Dog Trainers Academy in Amstelveen

Kynagon helps people to learn to understand normal dog behaviour, and to prevent or change unwanted behaviour, so that you can enjoy the loyalty, love and trust of man's eternal friend.

With us, the dog is the teacher and we are the students. That is where knowledge starts to evolve. For our dog's behaviour mirrors our own. Kynagon is a combination of the Greek words ‘Κύων’ (Kyon, for dog) and ‘Άγων’ (Agon, for leader).

“Force Free Dog Training”

Individual dog training

For a puppy, the first weeks in its new home are extremely important. It is during this period that the foundation is laid for its behaviour later, as an adult dog. There is no age limit for dog training, but we would recommend starting at two months.

Dog Trainers Academy

The Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy in Amstelveen is set up especially for people who want to become dog trainers and for professionals who frequently come into contact with dogs and their owners. After this training programme, you will have scientific and professional knowledge about training simple and complex behaviour in dogs.

The most beautiful products for your wagging four-legged friend.

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner Since 2024

In January 2024, Patricia obtained her certification from the Karen Pryor Academy in the US to enhance her knowledge. Dog trainers from all over the world embark on the far trip to take the Dog Trainer Program.

In her training, Patricia gained in-depth knowledge of the science and techniques behind Operant Conditioning. She also learned how to apply Positive Reinforcement effectively using a variety of tools and methods. Patricia is one of few experts in Europe to have obtained this certificate.


Patricia Walker-Koopman

I am Patricia Walker-Koopman. In 2022, I opened my own Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy in Amstelveen. I strongly believe in the Kynagon method, because it is a pleasant way for you to learn to work together with dogs. This method never involves any punishment or inflicting pain. My training sessions are always based on my core values: personal, passionate and professional.

My husband and I have three children and five Border Collies. Despite our busy lives, we have a very special connection with our dogs. Moreover, the Border Collies are an important part of the Dog Trainers Academy.  

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