For a puppy, the first weeks in its new home are extremely important. It is during this period that the foundation is laid for its behaviour later, as an adult dog. There is no age limit for dog training, but we would recommend starting at two months.

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Proper socialisation is the key to a relationship that will last for twelve to sixteen years. By training our faithful friends from the early age of two months, we prevent unwanted behaviour.

In its new home, the pup starts to pick up different habits. Our goal is to teach our four-legged friends desired behaviour without any form of force or violence.

We always aim for the best result with the welfare of all the animals that we train at heart. That is why our method never involves any punishment. It does involve rewards!

Both before and during the training session, I will always critically look at what you and your dog need: think, plan, do. I will make a plan in advance, but also during the training sessions, I will make sure that they are successful and pleasant for your dog.

We will teach your dog the basic signals that will help in everyday life. For example behaviour like:

  • Responding when you call
  • Sitting still
  • Lying down
  • Staying
  • Walking beside you on a loose leash
  • Leaving objects behind when you ask
Cues are trained according to the method of positive reinforcement. Educational material and clickers are available.

Behavioural problems require tailor-made solutions. That is why I first analyse the history of your dog. What behavioural problems have you encountered so far? After that, I will make a suitable plan and we can get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can take the individual training at your home, in your dog’s safe environment. You can also take the training at our facility in Amstelveen. Free parking is available on the premises.

There is no age limit for training dogs. Ideally, we would start at two months, but we are also happy to train older dogs with our Kynagon method.  

With our method, we train every breed of dogs. To make this a success, we look at the history of the unwanted behaviour. We also consider the characteristics of each specific breed. 

We work with the broadest variety of unwanted behaviour, for example:

  • Littering or destruction around the house
  • Separation anxiety
  • Playful biting
  • Jumping you or others 
  • Excessive hoarding 
  • Forms of anxiety or aggression 

For the current rates of the individual training, please go to our rate page.

The puppy training programme comprises 5 classes. For older dogs, the basic training programme comprises 7 classes. Dogs with behavioural problems require tailored-made training, which will usually comprise between 8 and 10 classes. 

Others say:

We highly recommend!!
We were going through difficult times of change and adaptation to a new environment and Kynagon's help was essential.
Patricia, always very kind, taught us several guidelines and gave tips on how to read our dogs cues and react accordingly thus improving their behaviour.
Our animals are very fond of her, as she shows a lot of patience and security in all situations.
As a result, we are ALL more confident and calmer!
Thank you so very much, Patricia!!
MariaMargarida Guerizoli
Patricia is an incredibly fun and enthusiastic dog trainer who likes to do everything out of a passion for our dear four-legged friend. Positive approach is her top priority and we notice that back in our puppy who loves everything. Including a 1-hour rain shower (Tibetan Terriers normally don't like this).
Karin de Wit
A few weeks ago we started the puppy course with Patricia for our dachshund puppy. We were able to start quickly and the times and days were flexible. We are very happy that we chose Patricia and that we got 1 on 1 guidance. Patricia takes time for questions and looks at what is needed for your dog. We trained both indoors and outdoors with the puppy. We learned a lot about how to positively reward our puppy and in return we got a super sweet and obedient dog! If you are looking for a specialised dog trainer, we highly recommend Patricia!
Maud Fleerkamp
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