The Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy in Amstelveen is set up especially for people who want to become dog trainers and for professionals who frequently come into contact with dogs and their owners. To let you master the skills, you will train with our Border Collies.

Both before and during the training session, I will always critically look at what you need: think, plan, do. I will make a plan in advance, but also during the training sessions, I will see what you need to become a successful dog trainer.

After this training programme, you will have scientific and professional knowledge about training simple and complex behaviour in dogs. All dog lovers are welcome: from beginner to competition level!


About The Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy

The Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy is based on scientific methods. Our methods never involve any form of force or violence. The training addresses the teaching theory of animals. You will learn how to analyse behaviour and how successfully to apply that knowledge.

During this programme, your knowledge will be trained and tested in real training conditions. You will train with our Border Collies. For the homework assignments, you will train with your own dog, or with someone else's dog that you can use to train with throughout the programme. This way, you will get acquainted with different temperaments.

It is also possible to train with dogs on invitation. They will give you the opportunity to come into contact with a variety of breeds and ages, and to train the techniques extensively and master them.

Duration of the programme

The Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy is a six-month programme. This period of six months includes 12 weekends on which all the students get together with the teacher on Saturday and Sunday. In the meantime, you will continue to train, with personal feedback on the homework assignments you send in.

The total programme consists of 16 lessons, with written tests to monitor your progress following each lesson.

What will I learn?

● Learning to understand dog behaviour according to scientific theories
● Learning to understand and influence body language and behaviour
● Training techniques, such as Cue Training, Clicker Training, Operant Conditioning, Shaping, Capturing, Targeting, and Chain Behaviours
● Solving behavioural problems, such as anxiety or aggression, but also everyday issues
● Client management: effective communication with dog owners

Overview of the lessons

Les 1 What is animal training?
Les 2 What training techniques are there?
Les 3 Operant Conditioning
Les 4 Behavioural change
Les 5 What is Clicker Training?
Les 6 Applying Clicker Training
Les 7 Recording and identifying behaviour
Les 8 Efficient shaping

Les 9 Basic Cueing
Les 10 Targeting
Les 11 Fluency Part 1
Les 12 Creating Behaviour Chains
Les 13 Fluency Part 2
Les 14 Managing Cues & Chains
Les 15 Complex behaviours and signals
Les 16 Everyday behavioural issues

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy in Amstelveen is set up for people who want to become dog trainers and for professionals who frequently come into contact with dogs and their owners, such as dog groomers, owners of boarding kennels, vets, shelter staff, and dog walkers. If you have a passion for dogs and want to learn to train them professionally, you are most welcome too.  

The Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy Amstelveen, run by Patricia Walker-Koopman, can be found in an attractive building at Amsteldijk Zuid 79C, 1184 VE Amstelveen. Free parking is available on the premises.

The entire training programme is organised on weekends. All classes start at 10:00 a.m. and end at 04:00 p.m.

Contact us for the next start date. 

During the programme, you will train with Patricia’s own Border Collies and possibly with other breeds of dogs as well.

The costs of participation in the Dog Trainers Academy are EUR 4,995 per person, exclusive of VAT.  

The course is completed in 12 weekends, spread over a 6-month period.

Graduates receive a ‘Diploma Kynological Behavior and Training’.

Yes, you can! Feel free to come and have a look around. Please contact us for this.

Others say:

When we met Patricia, we were really desperate with our dog, Apollo. He was chasing everything that moves, from children to motorbikes. He was particularly fond of barking at and chasing white vans. With the help of Patricia, we learned how to walk with Apollo on a loose leash and she helped us recondition Apollo so that he would not react to moving things anymore. It completely changed our dog owner experience! We also had multiple walks in the park in which she showed us the body language of dogs, which has been amazing in preventing incidents with other dogs. We are really grateful to Patricia, she is a wonderful professional and an excellent person!
JuanGarcia Vallejo
We got in touch with Patricia through our breeder, and then had home training sessions. The trainings were always very nice and with a lot of patience. She helped our daughter very well with handling our dog Dex. She is really committed to you and your dog and she will continue until it is right. Patricia has a lot of experience and knows very well what your dog needs. We learned a lot from her in terms of raising our dog. She has meant a lot to us and we wholeheartedly recommend her as a dog trainer! Peter, Elma and Noa
Elma Bos
I got to know Patricia through our dog Skye, a puppy of Patricia's dog Izzy. Right from the first meeting, I saw how patient, relaxed and sweet Patricia is with her dogs. Over the years I have learned a lot from her. I have been practising agility with Skye for several years at a recreational level. Skye is so eager to go at the start that she doesn't want to wait. Together with the instructors we tried all kinds of things. For advice with Patricia and I got the tip to start all over again and with a lot of patience and the clicker just train the waiting. First at home with a high jump and later on the training field. Skye responds very well to the clicker in fact. And it is paying off. It was very hard to be on the field and not be allowed to run a course. For Skye as much as for me. It taught me to be patient again and now that Skye finally stands still at the start of the course, I can walk forward instead of starting with a sprint. Because fast she is, that Skye! Thank you Patricia for this good advice.
Annelies van der Land
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